Baby I Will Make You Sweat

"The entire film was shot with a Hi-8 video camera. This was the only way to film spontaneously without snags in Jamaica. From the start I planned to refilm the video recordings on 16mm from a monitor, then to project these 16mm film sequences with an analysis projector and film them again from a screen. That was how I got stills, slow motion images and especially detail pictures. It was obvious this process of repeated reproduction would yield denser, more graphic and grainier pictures. But the painterly quality of the images is exactly what makes it exciting to me. It's a way of overcoming the realism of documentary filming. Still, the authenticity of the filming is maintained..." -B.H.

"In this highly personal and intimate travel diary, Birgit Hein has filmed with great candor her problems with aging, her need for tenderness, the frustration of being alone and her experiences in Jamaica." (Berlin Film Festival)

Birgit Hein Work