Response to C-Flat

This was definitely a difficult piece of work to follow in terms of the poem and the images. Just in terms of that fact alone, it is easy for me to establish it as being surrealistic. At least it was entertaining and I did make the connection to some references to what seemed like terms of the green parrot (I associated it with some of the imagery that I've seen in the movie Moulin Rouge.."the green fairy")But again, it is as with Dali, I am always intrigued but I can never quite follow the messages.
--Missy Briggs, 2006.

Understanding the disconnection of surrelism this video defiently followed the characteristics. I just wasnt a big fan of this work. Out of all of the six this was my least favorite.
--Jessica Bock, 2006.

This narrative was surreal. Maybe if it was a little longer I might have been able to grasp what it meant.
--Hanslyn Farley, 2006.

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