Response to Dandelion

I don't know why I just found the poem sort of morbid or depressing. The way the words described the dandelion being "dismembered" and then trampled on...It did not seem as though the flower, the subject of the film, had a very promising future. The words of the poem seemed ironic in contrast to the bright happy colors of the background. I definitely thought there was a dual nature to this experiement.
--Missy Briggs, 2006.

Hi Missy,
Thanks for your flatttering reviews of my movies. I wanted to help you understand "Dandelion". It was written by my handicapped niece so the grim edge is her life living inside a broken body but not giving up on hope or love. She has written other poems that have a similar depression usually looking at the lives of others her age in comparison to her own.
Again thanks,
--Jim Minton, 2006.

This was a very short but good film. Minton does a great job with the flower in the background, it seems like the flower is reading the poem.
--Frank Juliano, 2006.

I saw in the credits that it was an experiment. What is the experiment? I was intrigued that I would read the line of the poem on the screen then check out the "sun" I liked his use of the same image just different color combs. Made them each look unique. Not sure what the experiment was but I enjoyed this piece. I also loved the title.
--Jessica Bock, 2006.

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