Exquisite Corpse

This experimental short film project is an "Exquisite Corpse" of the visual imagination that takes it's own unique and horrifying approach. In this film, directors, animators, and new media artists from around the world have come together to create their own exquisitely twisted compilation of image and text. Each has contributed a dark short-short film, based on a short-short poem by award-winning horror author Michael Arnzen, in order to create a dark, funny, and scary chain of cinema that is something like a Frankenstein of film.

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Contributing artists
Writer Michael Arnzen USA

Narrator Christopher Hackett Ireland/Australia/ USA
Narrator Marina Johnson Sweden/USA
Music Michael Mouracade USA

Producer Jim Minton USA
Editor Jerry Cappa USA

Audio Editing Pickett Productions USA

Mike Bohatch USA

Jerry Cappa USA

Julian Hanby United Kingdom

Jim Minton USA

Jeff Pomeroy USA

Domenic Shaw United Kingdom

Lucas Tripodi Chile

Lorelinde Verhees Holland

Can Yildirim Turkey

Nick Montgomery Canada

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Jim Minton Work