Response to Updebum

There really are no words. Except maybe I am still laughing and my butt kind of hurts when I think about this. What kind of film could i dream up that could possibly top this? Maybe a collection of different colored feces with identifiable objects within them.
--Missy Briggs, 2006.

I must say this piece was crazy!! Were all the things listed true? I can't believe some of the stuff that was listed. Sick humor!
--Frank Juliano, 2006.

This was a good one. Was not expecting that at all. Especially going from Exquisite Corpse to Updebum. This must have been an interesting time doing the research for this film. Nice way to end the collection. I really like Minton. Great artist
--Jessica Bock, 2006.

This is definitely one of those films ill remember about this class for years to come. The only other film i saw thats comparable to this in terms of thinking out of the box artistically would have to be Ono's "Bottom" piece. I also have to comment on the soundtrack for this piece, it was just so ... fitting for the subjectmatter.
--Kristian Clemens, 2006.

Awesome, hysterical, funny, and kept you laughing the whole time. I thought this was a great concept and something that people in our generation can really find humorous. It's also believable, I have a friend that works in the Danbury ER and the stuff that she has seen is some of the stuff that I saw on this list... scary.
--Gina Voss, 2006.

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