This web is an ongoing construction begun by students in a course in Film and Video Art. Each student was responsible for gathering information on the life and work of a particular artist, and for writing a critical essay on one specific work by the artist. Students were also asked to comment on the critical papers of other students.

Rather than leave the project dormant during times the course is not taught, we are currently working at getting artists listed and including their filmographies and videographies, and linking to documents on the web related to the artists or their work.
The work here is by no means complete, and contributions are welcome. Send contributions, corrections, and additions to Contributions will have the header information edited to contain only the sender, the e-mail address, and the date sent, unless there is a request that the address not be listed.

Willard Van Dyke, the documentary filmmaker, concludes his Foreword to Sheldon Renan's An Introduction to the Art of the American Underground Film (New York: E.P. Dutton, 1967) with the statement: "Mr. Renan has described many visual delights, but no matter how skillfully they may be used, words are no substitute for those elusive shifting shadows. This introduction to the underground film will help you to choose which ones suit your particular fancy." It's hoped that the information included here will continue in this direction.

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