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No Free Lunch but Local Artists Find Free Breakfast Less Hard to Come By

OAKLAND, CA -- Late nights in the studio might be the norm for some artists, but for Isabel Reichert and Sean Fletcher the early morning approach comes with a free breakfast. The locally-based artists and founders of the art/life corporation Death & Taxes, Inc. this week announced they have joined the Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber's monthly breakfast meetings -- which start at 7:30am and are attended by hundreds of small-business owners looking for networking opportunities and improvement tips - seems an unlikely venue for two conceptual artists. It's all part of their latest project: the formation of a company whose chief responsibility is keeping them alive.

"We think an important step to being a responsible business is joining the Chamber of Commerce and helping to support the community," says Reichert, the company's CEO. "For most businesses, it's probably more of an after-thought, and a great way to promote what they're doing. For us, our business is our lives, so what we're hoping to promote is a unique dichotomy of life and business. Having breakfast -- purportedly the most important meal of the day -- at the Chamber of Commerce is a great way to explore that."

The two artists, a married couple with a five-year-old daughter, have been orchestrating conceptual "life/art" projects for the past decade, working both collaboratively and individually. These projects have taken them from courtrooms to soup kitchens to Republican Party Committee meetings. But for the past four months they've been compiling financial data regarding their income and expenses; meeting with their corporate attorney, their accountant, and their 15 member professional board of directors; and negotiating deals with other companies to help them live more gainfully.

In February, they turned 'buying coffee' into an art-piece by negotiating the purchase of a case of Savarin brand coffee, and last month they acquired a punch clock to record their 'time spent living.' The remnants of these two artistic endeavors will soon be available for purchase via the company's website:

Board member Beth Lisick, a writer and spoken word performer living in Berkeley, Calif., and a member of the company's Finance Sub-Committee, has agreed to help the artists compile a more cost effective shopping list for visiting the grocery store and has offered to spend an afternoon organizing their kitchen cabinets.

"There are likely other U. S. Corporations out there that, if they'd had this kind of support from their board, might have avoided a Federal Grand Jury," says Lisick.

Lisick recently arranged for The FruitGuys (, a fresh fruit delivery service for San Francisco Bay Area businesses, to deliver a box of goods to the artists' home and corporate headquarters in Oakland, CA.

Death & Taxes, Inc. launched January 3, 2006 -- the first business day of the year. Should the enterprise fail to turn a profit, the company's CFO and co-founder Sean Fletcher says they will dissolve the company on December 31, 2006, "to avoid the corporate tax that would otherwise be due after the first year of operations."

Other art-life projects that Fletcher and Reichert recently collaborated on include _Selling Yourself and Not Your Art_, which involved hiring a Dale Carnegie instructor to coach artists on the business etiquette of marketing their wares; _An Interview with Robert Barry_, where the artists interviewed the 1960s artist over the telephone as part of a short-range radio broadcast; _How To Sue_, in which the artists brought their curators to small-claims court over intellectual property infringement; and _Therapy_, which saw the artists hiring a couples counselor to facilitate a 40-minute session to help mend the relationship between art and its audience.

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