General Comments

Having seen Warhol's work myself, I agree with a lot of the points that you
have made. It is definitely true that Warhol strays from the norm as presents the viewer with this classic tale with a new twist (seeing the
story from Dracula's point of view.) Your comments about the main themes
of the work prove to be true due to the fact that sex plays a major role with
the story revolving around it. You stated that in the scenes Warhol uses
fixed camera shots of different angles for the viewer to gaze at the figures
while the camera clarifies the situation and power presented and intensifies
the feelings present. The comments about how Warhol strayed from the
Hollywood style were well-supported through the discussion about camera
movement and lighting techniques. You discussed also how the music and actors are much different than traditional Hollywood style. All of your ideas were well-supported and proved to the reader the techniques that Warhol goes about when straying from the norm. It was a well developed study of the film which described the story, techniques, and a woman's point of view which added a nice touch.