One day I was walking through the woods and all of a sudden I started to have these really painful cramps. The pain was so bad I had to sit down and take a break. When I had gained up enough strength to walk again I set off on a journey looking for something that would make the pain go away. After what felt like to be the longest walk of my life I came across a little house and went to see if anyone was home. I walked up to the front door that was cracked open and knocked a few times but there was no answer. So I opened the door and went in to see if anyone was home.

While walking through the house I stopped in the bathroom to see if there was anything in the medicine cabinet to help my cramps. I opened the cabinet and there were four bottles, the first one was some baby Tylenol, the next two were Rogaine and Viagra, none of these were going to help my cramps at all. I grabbed the last bottle and I went to read the label and was overwhelmed to see that it was Midol. I took two and left the bathroom. Suddenly I smelt fresh tea and went looking for it because it always makes me feel better when I have cramps.

When I walked into the kitchen I saw four cups all filled with tea. I wasn't sure which one I would like best so I decided to try them all. The first one was too hot, the second was too cold, the third was just too sweet, and the fourth was just right. After finishing my tea I still wasn't feeling better. All I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and lay in bed.

So I headed up stairs to the bedrooms. The first room I walked into didn't even have a bed. There was just a crib and I wouldn't be able to fit in that. The second room had a bed that looked like it belonged in a hospital and just didn't look comfortable at all. The third room I looked in had two beds, the first bed had dirty sheets, the other bed looked just right so I went and laid down in it and fell right to sleep.