Hansel and Gretel-Gretel's point of view

It was the last day of school for the year and tomorrow would be the first day of summer break. I walked out of my classroom to meet up with my brother Hansel in the front of the school so we could walk home together like always. As I walked to the stairs, I saw Hansel sitting down in the grass playing with some rocks. He saw me and waved, jumped to his feet and ran over to me. I knew he was excited because tomorrow we had planned to go white water rafting. I didn't really want to go though, I would have rather gone to the zoo, but Hansel had wanted to go for so long and this was the first time he'd seemed happy again since our mother had died in a car accident. So, I pretended to want to go too, just to make him happy. "Hi, Sis," he says and starts dragging me home. "We're going whitewater rafting tomorrow!!," he screams and starts dancing around foolishly. "I know, I can't wait, let's get home and help Daddy get ready!" We both jumped up and down, laughing in excitement and started running home.

We get to our house and Hansel pushes through the front door. As the door opened, I could see my father sitting in his office on the computer. Hansel and I run over to him to ask him about the trip. We stood next to him, out of breath and laughing. My father turns around , he looks tired but manages to smile and ask us why we are so excited. "Daddy, tomorrow is Hansel and my summer break, what are we doing tomorrow?" I could see in his face that he couldn't remember about the trip we planned. My father has been working overtime to manage all the bills on his own since my mother passed away, so I don't blame him for not remembering. But all of a sudden, he bent down on one knee and looked the two of us in our faces, "We're going whitewater rafting tomorrow!" I was really surprised that he remembered, I guess he does pay attention to us after all.

Hansel and I couldn't sleep at all that night. We stayed up all night talking about how much fun we were going to have on this trip. Seeing Hansel so excited made me realize that maybe this trip will be fun, it will benice for the three of us to do something as a family.

It was 5am and we were on our way to the boat rental place. Once we got there, the guide set us up and we were finally in the water. The first part of the trip was nice and smooth. I really liked it, at one point we even saw a deer on the river bank. It was so pretty and peaceful, standing there eating grass on the side of the river,I think it mayhave looked at me. Now all I could think about was what other animals we might see along the river. Maybe a fox or a bunny, or even a wolf. I guess this trip might even be better than the zoo.

Everything was peaceful when all of a sudden the water started moving really fast. My father was telling me to hold on tight and don't be afraid. I was screaming, I couldn't help myself, I was so scared. Then I felt Hansel grab my hand and a sense of reassurance came over me that maybe everything will be okay. But then I suddenlyfelt the boat tip over and I was surrounded by water,butsurprisingly,I was able to swim to the surface. I guess it was a good thing that Daddy made us take those swimming class every summer. But then all I could think about was where was Hansel, then from a distance I could see him waving for me to swim to him. I finally made it to him, and we managed to pull ourselves out of the dangerous waters and onto the rocks that surrounded the river.

After we got a hold of ourselves, I started to panic again because I couldn't see my Dad anywhere. Hansel and I looked for what seemed like hours and hours,but we couldn't find him anywhere. Now it was starting to get dark and I was starving. Hansel suggested that we try to look for a cabin in the woods that might have some supplies, since the ones we had, got lost with the boat. "But what if we get lost in the woods, then we will never find Daddy," I thought. But then I spotted something shiny down a little further by the river. I went over to see what it was and it was the keychain attached to Hansel's backpack. I grabbed the backpack and ran back to Hansel. "Hansel, Hansel, look what I found," I yelled. "Is there any food in it?" He turned around and took the bag from me as if he had an idea. He opened it up and pulled out a bag of rocks. "What are we going to do with those?, we can't eat them!" He told me he would place a rock in our path to mark our trail into the woods. I thought, "I guess all that rock collecting can come in handy."

We began our walk into the woods, Hansel dropping a rock every few steps. We were walking and walking forever, and Hansel's rocks were almost gone when we spotted a cabin with smoke coming out from the chimney. We were so hungry and hoped that someone would give us some food. As we got closer, we could smell something horrific. It was like nothing I've ever smelt before, I had no idea what it could possibly be. Hansel and I looked into the window but couldn't really see anything. So,we decided to go inside, Hansel pushed the door open. Then,out of nowhere someone barged into the cabin, screaming and yelling.I jumped and held my heart. This very tall, dirty, hairy looking man burst inside asking us what we were doing here. We told him that we lost from a rafting trip and were just looking for some food. The place smelled so bad I had to stop myself from throwing up. He sat us down at the table and threw something at us in a tin can. I adrank it but I had to plug my nose so I wouldn't be able to smell it.

Then the scary man grabbed Hansel and tied him to chair. I was terrified as what he would do to me next. He then grabbed me and locked me in a closet. I was able to find a light that was hanging above me and turned it on. As I did this, I could hear the man telling Hansel to eat something. Then, I felt something touch me on the shoulder, I jumped and turned around, then screamed, it was an arm of someone. I was freaking out and turned out the light when the man opened the door and dragged me outside. He brought me across the yard and stopped me at a well in the ground. He told me to start getting the waterandto fill up ten buckets. He stormed away, back into the cabin telling me he would be back to check on me.

All I could think about was what he was going to do to Hansel. I ran over to the window, and looked in. I saw the man trying to force Hansel to eat that soup that he gave us earlier. Hansel tried to refuse and the mountain man splashed it in his face. Then he disappeared. I ran behind a tree that was to the side of the well. Then the man came out looking for me. He was kicking and knocking things down. I spotted a thick branch from a tree and picked it up. The mountain man was looking into the well and I ran out and pushed him into the well with the branch. And then ran inside and untied Hansel from the chair and we ran out from the cabin.

The moon was bright and we were able to spot the rocks that Hansel had left to mark the trail. We made it back to the river and laid down on the ground. I fell asleep and woke up the next morning because I felt something wet on my forehead. I woke up and saw a deer above me. As I moved, the deer ran away. I then woke up Hansel and we began our long journey to find safety.

"Hansel,"I said, "If we make it home, lets not tell Daddy what really happened, lets keep it between us." He agreed. I put my arm around him and we continued on our journey. We finally spotted a group of rafters who took us in and brought us to the boat rental shop. A guide found out our address and gave us a ride home. The whole ride home,all I could think about was my dad.

We finally made it home,the man let us out at the end of the driveway and as I looked towards our house, I saw my Daddy locking the door. I ran over to him and jumped into his arms. He looked confused at first but then recognized me and fell to his knees, hugging and kissing me. I hugged and kissed him back. He asked Hansel and me what happened, we told him we got lost but eventually found our way home.