Hansel's point of view

I knew that dad would forget that Gretel and I had summer break next week. I even new in fact that he would forget that he was going to take us white water rafting. So when we mentioned it to him and asked what we were doing and he paused for a second my thoughts were confirmed that he had forgotten all about us. When a few moments later he bent down to one knee and asked us if we wanted to go rafting, Gretel and I excited told him "yes". I may have even been a little over the top and danced around, after all this is what I have wanted to do for some time now. We excitedly jumped in dad's Lincoln Town Car and drove home to get ready. When we got home I helped get all the stuff ready for the trip and eagerly tried to sleep but my damn sister kept me up all night talking about the trip.

I totally didn't want get up that early in the morning, even though we were going rafting. When we arrived we got quick tips from the guide. When dad tried to put my helmet and life jacket I was very reluctant, I was a strong swimmer and there were hot chick's in bikini's around, I was not a baby all I wanted to do was look cool and dad made me look like a tool.

The first part of the trip not going to lie, pretty boring. The water was slow and it felt like I was ridding in a bath tube. We saw a deer. Gretel thought it was pretty and I thought that it was stupid. In fact all I wanted to do was catch up to those hot babes who were checkin me out before getting in the water.

Finally the water was picking up and I could see that hot blonde. I was stoked, Gretel was frecking out and dad didn't look like he was enjoying this too much. The guide reassured Gretel and Dad that everything was fine.

Without warning the raft flipped. Gretel screamed and dad tried to grab me. I tried to swim for the hot blondes in the raft who defiantly caught a glimpse of my rippling biceps earlier. I waved to my sisters so that she could see that I was swimming to the sex goddess raft and to leave me alone I was finally going to have some real fun. But she kept swimming to me and running my chances with the girls. When she finally reached me the blondes were out of sight. We swam to the bank and got out of the water. I suggested we should look for a cabin and steal some off the guy's food. Getting lost was on both of our minds. Gretel saw my bag from the bank and grabbed it. In it I had my Pet rocks. I decided so we wouldn't get lost I would sporadically let my pet rocks go threw out the woods. That way I could fallow my pets back if I needed to.

"Jiminy Crickets" I exclaimed!! A cabin. To tell you the truth I pretty much thought we were going to die out hear. We walked towards the cabin and a nauseating stench over came us. Kinda like dead bodies and feces. I don't know this from experience but from my imagination I'm sure this is what it smells like. Trying to be cool I threw a rock in the window, then went to the door and opened it. We went inside to find some food. The smell was atrocious. We found some peanuts and malt beer and started to eat. All of a sudden a creepy looking guy came in the door. He kinda reminded me of the guy who tried to offer me candy if I would get into his van last summer, but all he had to offer me was gum, so I didn't get in the van. If he had some chocolate I would have been in that van in a second. All of a sudden the man grabbed me and tied me to a chair. If only I had been going to the gym more I could have fought him of. But I couldn't so I cried instead. He threw my sister in the closet and locked it. The dirty stinky old man then tried to get me to eat something called a meat sandwich. I didn't want any of that. I heard Gretel scream from the closet. The man ran over to the closet and pulled her and told he to get some water. When she went out side the man tried to get me to drink some pea soup. I wasn't having any of that either. He threw it in my face and went out side. As I sat there I wondered what ever happened to those chicks in the skimpy bikinis and the things I wanted to do to them. Then Gretel ran in and untied me saying she pushed Chester the Molester into a well. I thought shit good idea sis. We ran out of the house. We saw my pet rocks waiting for us on the path. I was so happy my beloved pets didn't run of into the woods. We got back to the river and laid down. I took a nap. I woke up to he smell of horrible breath it was a freckin deer. Dame thing ran off before I could take it down and eat it. All of a sudden as group of rafters were coming down the river. Sure enough it was those hot blondes looking for me. They took us in and brought us back to the rating guide. The guide brought us home where our oh-so distraught father went back to instead of looking for us. I went up to bed a dreamt about those amzingingly small bikinis.