The witch

I'm dying, I know that now. The tuberculosis has started tearing up my lungs. I spit out little chunks with almost every bubbling, frothy breath. My wife only lasted about fourteen hours when she reached this stage. Oh Kate! I should have just laid next to you. I was selfish, and angry at you for giving up.

I know you had no choice. If I had died with you, the world would be safe now. The kids, they have to be stopped before they reach civilization. If I can't stop them, they will infect the world. But I can't lift my arms now Kate. I can hardly lift my head. All your effort, all your sacrifice. I have failed you. I have failed us all. Too weak to kill, and now too weak to live. I can only hope that maybe I will fail to die as well. I don't want to see the legions, the families, the populations, the cities that will begin to die soon. As soon as those kids reach a population, they will begin to infect the world. I should have killed them as soon as I saw them in the cabin. But I was weak Kate. I lacked the strength of will to prevent the end of the world. If only you had still been with me. You would have had the strength.

You've been dead for three days now, or maybe four. I meant to burn your body; the way you said needed to be done. But I was slow in collecting the wood for your pyre. I thought I had all the time in the world. I thought I had the rest of my life. I planned to end my life on your pyre. I wanted it big. I wanted to be sure to eliminate the tuberculosis that will kill us both. And now the world. I made the kids eat the fungal antibiotic that you had been working on. I was going to feed them antibiotics and disinfect them and hold them until I could contact your colleagues at the Infectious Disease Control Center. Dr. Kellog would know what to do with them. He wouldn't have hesitated to keep them quarantined until they died. I should have killed them as soon as I saw them in the cabin. But they were just children. They will die now anyhow. A much slower, racking, drowning death then I could have given them. I was too weak to give them the mercy that they deserved.

They're gone now. They were too clever and too fast for me. I tried to make the girl draw water so they could be disinfected, but she pushed me in the well. It took me nearly an hour to climb out, and I can never catch up with them now. Maybe the world will catch a break and they will die in the woods. There is nothing I can do now. I wished it wouldn't be like this. Our house will be your pyre, and mine too. Kate, I come to you.