Once upon a time, Hansel, Gretel and their younger brother Hans were playing ball outside. As Gretel kicked the ball towards Hansel, it went by him and deep into the woods. "Good job, Hansel, nice stop." Gretel said. "It's not my fault, you kicked it too hard." Hansel said. All three of them tried to look for the ball but none of them could find it. "Great, now we have to tell mom what happened." Hansel said. "I'm not telling them." Hans said. "Yeah Gretel it's your fault, besides your are the older one anyway." Hansel said. "Ok, ok, I'll do it." Gretel said. They all went into the house to find their parents in the living room; Their dad on the Laz-y-boy drinking scotch and eating Funyuns and their mom listening to her iPod Nano, drinking a beer. When Gretel told her parents what happened her mom screamed at them and told them to go to their room. When they went into their room and stopped blaming each other for what happened, they devised a plan to get even with their angry, drunk parents. "Ok here's what we're gonna do." Gretel said. "We're gonna wait till they fall asleep and sneak out of the house, are you with me?" "Yeah" Hansel and Hans said. So they waited till nightfall to strike. NEXT