~Eva~ (The Stepmom)

Eva is a woman with a love for hip-hop music. She is 5 foot 2 inches tall with long dirty blonde hair and dark brown eyes. She wears baggy jeans with a black belt strap hanging from them. Her white t-shirt reads, "Bitch with an Attitude" and has a picture of a tan pit bull dog with black shades on. She also wears tan timberland boots. She constantly listens to rap music on her ipod. On a daily bases she drinks incredible hunks (a mix of Hennessey and Hypnotic). If she isn't drinking that she is drinking Heinekens. Eva loves the children, but can't stand to be around them all day, especially when they act out of control. Eva also likes to smoke marijuana She is calm and relaxed when she is high and the children like that side of her the best. Once the kids returned, Eva realized she had to cut back on all her bad habits and try to become more of a role model for the kids. INDEX