One summer day Hansel, Gretel, and Hans were all playing kick ball out back in the woods. Gretel kicked the ball deep into the woods and the kids had to stop playing. Hansel and Hans searched the woods for at least 20 minutes and then finally gave up. That night the kids went inside to tell mom and dad. The father, Karel, was doing his usually word puzzles, watching deal or no deal, while drinking his dr. pepper. The step mother, Eva, was sipping back on the old Hypnotic and Hennessey as she was listening to Ice Cube on her I Pod Nano. Eva used to get very frustrated when she drank, what she called, the incredible hulk. The three kids had to break the news to their parents about the lost ball. Karel stated he would never buy the children a single toy for one whole year. The kids became so upset that they told Eva thinking she would be nice. Well they made a bad decision, she went totally ballistic and told them to get to their rooms and not come down for a week. All three kids stomped up the stairs in a rage.