Big Bad Wolf

It was a real nice day, real nice. The kind of nice day where you see all the pretty girls out and about in their skirts and sun hats and such, talking with friends, eating ice cream, and doing that adorable little twirl thing girls do with the ends of their hair. I had been out of jail for twelve hours and already deserved to be thrown right back. Somewhere outside Hoboken I stabbed a nicely dressed looking gentleman and stole his Beamer. Its not in particularly good shape, and has the slightly sickening aroma of wet carpeting and tacos. But that's all tolerable by me, since it is still a BMW.

It was about an hour before noon when I realized I needed a replenishment of cigarettes and Thunderbird. As I was rifling through the center console of the stolen car trying to scrounge up another seventy five cents, I saw her. About sixty yards up was a nice looking girl with flowing blond hair, red dress, red shoes, and a pair of Ray Bans. I pulled up next to her at the light and started playing the game.