It was a really nice day outside. At least from what I could see from my bed. I remember waking up around 7am and having to close the blinds, which was a feat in itself because I'd been laying in bed for days with some kind of cold. Unfortunately, one of those days happened to be my 75th birthday. Apparently, my kids were supposed to have a party for me, but I can't remember much these days. Maybe it was supposed to be a surprise? Anyway.

I hadn't been able to get out to the store in a few days so I needed some eggs and coffee. I called my daughter to ask her if she could bring them over to my house for me. She was more than happy to, and even offered to send over a birthday cake for me. So sweet of her. She said she would send my lovely granddaughter Ruby over with them.

I waited all afternoon. Well, I think it was all afternoon...maybe it was a few hours? I was in bed reading Good Housekeeping magazine and stroking my cat Felix who was more than thrilled I was sick and not moving.