Little Red Riding Hood

I was sun bathing out by my pool. The sun was perfect for tanning, so I made sure I was in direct sunlight for my whole morning tanning session. My little Maltese Charlemagne was laying in the sun too. I heard my mom call me from inside.

"Ruby! I need you to stop by Grandma's today. She's been sick all week and she needs a few things. I also need you to bring her this cake I made. Don't forget, it was her birthday a few days ago." I removed my sunglasses from my face and leaned over to grab my sunblock.

"Do I have to right now? I was going to get my nails done after this."

"Yes. I told her you'd be over this afternoon. It's already almost noon."

"Ugh! Mom! Come's Saturday..."

"That doesn't make your grandmother feel any better, Ruby Jane."

"Okay fine. Ten minutes."

I sat in the sun for another ten minutes before begrudgingly going in to change. I put on my favorite red sundress and a pair of red sandals too. Without saying goodbye to my mother, I grabbed the eggs, coffee, and cake and walked out the door. There was no way I was missing my manicure today. How hard could it be to find my grandma's from the nail salon?