Little Red Riding Hood
Friday morning I was all set to go out with my friends, until my mom told me that my grandmother was working in her garden and needed me to bring her goodies. I asked my mom, why I had to go all the way to the other side of the forest, when all I wanted to do was hang out with my friends and go to the mall to buy dresses for boys who want to do me. She told me to be nice and while I was there, to enjoy spending time with my grandmother. But I never liked my grandmother so I was going out of my way to help someone who means nothing to me.

I was told to stay on the path and not to talk to any of the woodland creatures but I never listen to my mom because she is in her second marriage and I cant take advice from someone who has children out of wed-lock. As I started my journey across the forest a couple chipmunks and deer stopped and said hi. The chipmunks made fun of my red cape so I ran away from them because they're animals that will be killed in the near future so I didn't feel that sorry for them. I was almost there when I spotted a colorful patch of flowers that looked like weed but it was a different plant than I had thought. It was a couple feet off the path. I knew I shouldn't stray off the path, but I felt bad for not wanting to see my grandmother, so I decided to pick her a bunch of flowers.

As I am picking some flowers, I noticed a huge wolf staring at me, undressing me with his eyes like a steak. He came over and asked what I was doing and thought I needed help picking flowers but I told him I didn't have any money and that I don't cater to homeless wolves. I told him, that I was on my way to my grandmother's house that was just a few minutes away. He quickly said goodbye and ran off deviously with red eyes that looked like tomatoes.

I finally had enough flowers, so I headed back towards grandmothers house. As I happily arrived, I saw that the door was open a bit. I yelled "old lady" to make sure that grandma was there. I heard a low "yes dear". So I put my basket down on the table and made my way into the bedroom. I guess grandma was tired from all her gardening. I sat down next to her and I noticed that she was a little more hairy then the last time I saw her, which was a long time ago because my mom and her had an argument over why I should be home schooled.

Then my grandma turned out to be a big hairy wolf, which I was not expecting because I thought she was a witch. So the wolf gobbles me up and as i'm chilling in his stomach I realize my grandma is in here with me. We both tell each of our stories about how we fell prey to a wolf. All I can remember is that the wolf was cut in half by this really hot woodsman guy, who had an epic beard with a burly chest and an amazing six pack, cut the wolf in half to free and my grandma and I. even though I was covered in blood and stomach acids, it felt nice to be out of his stomach, not being digested. And because I almost got my grandma killed I had to clean up all the wolf body parts and guts as my punishment.