After many substances and dancing, I asked her to come upstairs to my room. She told me she had to leave at midnight. Well, I guess it will just have to be a quicky then. As time got closer, I was persistent in trying to get her to stay. But right at midnight, she vanished.

When I realized she forgot her glass pipe, I ran after her. It was too late though. She was already gone. So I smoked the rest of her stash. As I smoked the rest of her stuff, I realized my mouth was turning orange. It must have been from the lipstick that had been stuck on the front of the pipe.

After I woke up the next morning, itching and burning, I decided I needed to hunt this crazy girl down. I had to find her. I told my parents that this was the girl I wanted to marry so that they would send all of their workers out to find her. When they asked me her name, I told them Stacey, but honestly I had no clue what her real name was.

After nursing my hangover for two days, my parents notified me that they thought they had found her. They quickly corrected me to tell me her name was Cindy.