Cinderella, Cinderella.. I don't know why a lot of people (or even better; mice) seem to like her and how she ended up marrying a prince (I mean, that's just ridiculous!), but I am glad that I finally get to tell my part of the story.

My name is Rivelia Evilia Ignoblia, a gracious lady of nobility. Together with my two beautiful daughters I was living a happy and splendid life. All was good and well, that is, until the day of the biggest mistake I ever made: the day I married the father of that little spoiled brat Cinderella! I mean, the guy wasn't even that handsome. But well, as a lady needs to be ladylike and therefore needs a certain amount of money.. He was there at the right place at the right time: widow, alone and rich. And well, that he had a daughter seemed just to be a very convenient thing at that time (our last cleaning lady had just run away).