Back to my stepsisters. Both my sisters' hate me cause my cat talks to me and not to them. After all, I am the one took a semester of "talking dirty to black cats" They are just jealous. But whatever. I don't let it get to me.

So it's the day after the ball and I am meeting up with the Prince cause he found my pipe! The Prince found MY pipe? That's awesome! He took me out to Burger King and told me that he is experiencing some itching and burning. I told him that he's the proud father of quadruplets. He asked me how I knew so fast. I told him my fairy godmother told me that a woman who gets knocked up on coke could get pregnant in less than 6 hours and get immediate results.

The prince told me that was the most romantic thing he has heard and he wanted to marry me as soon as possible cause the baby is due tomorrow, and I want to be able to shoot up before I walk the isle. He's my soul mate! I am definitely happier than a pig in mud. Speaking of which, I haven't done that in a long time. Well, I am going to go strip naked and do just that!