I hate Cinderella! She is ruining my social life! I never want to have anybody over at the house because all of my friends will make fun of me for living with the crazy girl who has full-blown conversations with the cat! And come on now, seriously, who befriends mice?! Mice! Of all animals! That girl seriously has some drug problems.

Not to mention, no guy wants to date me solely due to the fact that my stepsister is the drugged out girl who works on the corner every night, trying to make money from the guys who drive by. Both my sister and I are beautiful girls, but we have a lot of trouble dating and it is all Cinderella's fault!

Although Cinderella has been an embarrassment in my life ever since my mom married her annoying dad years ago, the worst thing ever happened last weekend at the ball. I don't think I could ever forgive her for what she did.