I was so angry and embarrassed. I tried to pretend like I didn't notice and walked to the center of the floor and broke into my best dancing moves ever. My plan of distraction wasn't working though. Then, somewhere in the crowd, a voice finally broke the silence.

"Hey! Isn't that the crazy girl who lives with you?"

Oh no. No, no. I was hoping in that get-up she had on, no one would have been able to recognize her.

"Who? What? I don't see her no." I said as convincingly as I could. Then I quickly grabbed my sister's arm and ran towards the prince, who couldn't take his eyes off of Cinderella. In a desperate attempt to try to take his focus away from her, I approached the prince.

"Prince!" Prince!!" I called, but he just ignored me and walked closer to Cinderella. The look in his eyes was different than the look in everyone else's. What? I couldn't believe it! He actually looked like he was impressed with that trashy, crazy girl!