How could this be? Why would he want her, when he could have me! It probably wasn't because he wasn't attracted to me or anything. No, no. It couldn't possibly be that. He is a young man with raging hormones and he did seem like he was drunk out of his mind. He probably only wanted to talk to Cinderella because he knew she would be an easy lay. I can't think of any other possible reason. She has nothing going for her!

Now, everyone in town is not only going to know me as the girl who lives with the crazy person who has conversations with animals, but as the girl who lives with the crazy person who is also a whore! How am I ever going to find a guy to date me now! Worst of all, she blew any chance I had of getting with the prince because he probably only treated her as a wam, bam, thank you mam kind of thing. He probably never wants to see her again after that! Not only that, the king and queen must also be embarrassed by the fact that he actually paid some of his attention to her! Now, the royal family will look down on both my sister and I. He will never want to be with me once he finds out I have to live with the weirdo! I hate her! She ruined my life!