The Troll

Just like every other morning I am sitting on my favorite chair outside of my favorite store with my gun, not everyone is allowed to come to this side of the neighborhood and I make sure of that. Today is very sunny and hot, which is my favorite kind of day because there are always a bunch of people who try to come into my part of the neighborhood and I get to show him who is in charge. All of a sudden this little Billy goat starts walking up to me so I stop him and tell him "You are not allowed to come in the neighbor, I should eat you for just trying to walk over here". The Billy goat then says "Oh troll I am so sorry, please don't eat me. I am trying to get to the dance competition on the other side. If you wait I have a brother who is just behind me that is much bigger, if you let me go you can eat him". The little guy has a good point; he is pretty small and if I got a much bigger Billy goat people would be much more impressed than bringing back the little one. So I tell him to go ahead and be on his way. I sit back down in my chair and wait for the big Billy goat to come by.