I giant. I is a large giant and I be very big. We live on top of beanstalk with me wife. Her name is giant lady and she are a big woman. I favorite thing be eat and sleep and drink. I have one friend, him name hopkin green frog. I take bath in ale and sing FE FI FO FUM!!!! I SMELL THE BLOOD OF AN ENGLISHMAN!!!!! I likes killing...killing and drunkenness and murder and sleeping and falling asleep. My favorite thing is grinding bones. If there's bones to be grinded...I grinded them.

I chase little boy for 2 times now. My large lady wife bitch at me. She say leave boy alone so me did. One he steal my gold coins, and I angry. B...he steal my hen that lay golden eggs. I love my hen. And now, i hear my harp and smell englishman blood. I think little boy stealing my harp. Wife in shower giant shower, me chase! I go now! Boy run towards green bean stalk. I go down beanstaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllkkkkkk!!!! (CRASH)