Jack came tumbling up the stairs. When I heard all the noise outside, I quickly flung the door open to see a little scrawny boy, standing no more than 4 feet tall. "Yes boy, what do you want?" Jack replied quitely, "Hi ma'am, I was wondering if you could spare some extra food to give a young lad like myself. I have not had any food in days." I looked him up and down abut ten times before I motioned him to come in. He was very small, and I could see his rib cage pertruding out if his shirt. I felt bad for him, but I warned him, "If my husband the giant sees you, he will suck you up, bones and all, so be quick." Jack was about to take in his last spoon full of porridge when a loud knock startled us both. "Oh no! It's my husband. Quick, jump in that pot of soup."   Before he could open the lid, my husband snatched him up in one quick swoosh. I tried to tell my husband to free the poor boy, but he refused, screaming, "I've been craving this allll night. I am going to have a feast. He does not even need cooking!"   I grabbed the pot that Jack was supposed to be hiding in, and wacked the giant over the head with it. Jack fell to the ground and I scooped him up and ran down the stalk with him on my back. We were half way down and the stalk began to shake. My husband woke up and looked down to see Jack and I scurrying away. He began tumbling down after us and almost grabbed Jack right off my back. Luckily the swift Jack was able to jump to the ground for safety. I flew down after him and watched Jack eat the stalk down to lead my cruel husband to his death.