My name is Wellington Dunforth Pigglesworth, but to keep it simple you can call me Mr. Pigglesworth. I was raised with my two sisters Miss Piggy and Miss Piggy Sue by my mother, who is an environmentalist. When it came time for all of us to leave the nest, Momma Pigglesworth wanted us to live in homes that were very environmentally friendly. Since being “green” is all the rage I came up with a house made completely of recycled plastics, which I thought would surely to catch on and make me tons of money once the patent comes in.

I was wrong. I decided my house would be the house to test this brilliant idea on, so I started melting the plastic from discarded bottles and other recyclable plastics, and melted them together to make sheets that were thick enough for the walls of the house. Unfortunately, as I was melting them together toxic fumes were released during the melting process which was definitely not considered environmentally friendly. My dreams were dashed, but I still got a pretty cool house out of it.

To add insult to injury the property I was living on was right down the street from the Huff & Puff Corporation owned by The Big Bad Shewolf. The minute I finished my house I get notice that this big-shot wants to level my house for a new factory! Ridiculous! There was no way I was just going to give up all my hard work so factory could be put up where I live. The Big Bad Shewolf didn't care though she offered me some money she thought would buy me off. I politely declined and told her to have a good day. Was that the end of it? Nope! Knowing the weakness of my house she lit a book of matches and completely melted my work of art.