The Oz Daily 04/18/2089

Mr. Terrance Man A.K.A The Tin Man has passed away, in what police are calling "a suspicious explosion". Mr. Man has been linked to several notorious Oz personalities such as Mr. L Diggler well as several highly publicized deaths, of which held a resembles to the handy work of the Lion. An unnamed police source stated that, "The remains of Mr. Man had a message etched into his arm, it is believed that this message may have been some sort of message or some clue to the identity of perpetrators of the crime."

By all account Mr. Terrance Man was a lover of life, women, cars, and cards. He came from humble beginnings in PA, his father was a steal worker and his mother was a schoolteacher. As a young child Terrance spent most of his free time in his makeshift lab, with his 4 best friends and was a self admitted adrenalin junkie. He could drive anything with wheels, ride anything with hair, and never saw odds he did not like. He was well liked by everyone in town; he was no angel but knew when to turn on the charm. Shortly after high school, we heard the first stories of Mr. Man's strange travels, many of which were described as disappearances. Some time during 2074 Mr. Man, by all accounts vanished. A few years went by when, he was recognized by a MIT Student at a Government Think Tank. The word quickly spread that the protocols son had returned home. The student also reported that there were changes in his appearance, but he could not be certain what they were.

As the years passed Mr. man sort of took to the name Tin Man. Tim Man also began to stir up a type of cult following, certain people in the scientific community began to look at tin man as a demi god, while others viewed him as dark soul. As the tin mans legend grew it seem as his appearance became a mystery. The frequency of disappearances also grew, often followed by widely publicized heist. It was Detective James McGriff that first hypothesized that the Tim Man had something to do with the global crime wave, but there were skeptics. The Tin Mans alibi's where scientific in nature, all of the heist where geographically impossible. There were secrets in Oz, the kind that no one wanted to talk about.