The Oz Daily 4/08/2089

L~Diggler the Lion

Everyone Leon Diggler aka L~Diggler needed courage, but all he really wanted was money. L~Dig was 6 foot 3 and 200pds. He was a Hustler on the Westside of the yellow brick road. His hustle was to get money in every way possible. From stand-up comedy to selling stolen merchandise along the yellow brick road. And then one day he met Tinman & The Scare Crow. They became close like brothers. They did everything to survive, but L~Dig was the best at it. His parents was never there for him so he had to make it on his own. So L~Dig and the boys hustle for years until the TinMan got them into it with the Mobb. They parted ways for a while to keep things safe and each of them untouchable. They haven't seen each other since, but L~Diggler the Lion continue to grind hard.