The Scarecrow chronicles:

The Oz Daily 4/18/2089

Jason Killalot a.k.a. "The Scarecrow" has been a man of mystery for the past few years, but we The Oz Daily got an excusive interview with him. Where he talks about his rough upbringing and challenging life of a professional hit man.

"The Scarecrow" grew up on the south side of oz, living with his mother alone, they were a poor family that did what they had to do to survive. "The Scarecrow" got his name from catching and killing small animals at a young age, especially birds. As The Scarecrow reached his teenage years, he had two close friends Terrence Man a.k.a. "The Tin Man" and Leon Diggler a.k.a. "The Lion." All three grew up as brothers but had completely different lives. The Scarecrow was the protector of the bunch, and got into a lot of fights protecting his friends, even when they were too scared too. He got into a big mess when he killed someone in a fight, but beat the charge on a technicality. But after that he had a new found respect around Oz, and no one messed with him, or his friends anymore.

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