"Hello Sir" I yelled to this man looking around, as though he was lost. I was all sort of confused because we never have grown ups in this part of the woods. It's just me and the rest of the lost boys. I took him back to our fort where he met the rest of the lost boys. Peter, the lost man, told us his story and what he was doing there. Peter said that he was trying to take his kids far away so they wouldn't be near Captain Hook, a horribly mean captain of a nearby ship. Peter was running with his kids through the woods when all of a sudden his kids disappeared. Peter said that he wanted to fly around the woods so that he could see from above where his kids were. As soon as Peter said that this little fairy named Tinkerbell came swarming into our fort. Tinkerbell or Tink as Peter nicknamed her, spread fairy dust all over us and Peter and all of a sudden we were slowing coming up off the ground. We were flying! I couldn't believe it!!! It was a dream come true! We continued to fly all around Neverland's woods in search for Peter's children. Eventually we came across his children in a ditch where Captain Hook had stolen the children from Peter and hid them! Peter remains a good friend of us Lost Boys, even Rufio, who didn't like him at first.