Going back to Neverland was far more complicated than I ever imagined it to be. Hook had kidnapped my daughter Maggie, and I now had to learn how to fly. It had been years since I had flown. This little pixie, who referred to herself as "Tinkerbell", kept telling me to think of happy thoughts, and saying that happy thoughts would help me fly. I had no idea what this five inch pixie was talking about. I tried and tried and tried, but I kept falling flat on my face; much to the delight of Rufio, who had been the leader of the lost boys since I left years ago. I couldn't stand failing at flying. I only had one last attempt in me. I went to the highest point in Neverland and jumped off of a cliff, flailing my arms, thinking I was about to die. All of a sudden, I thought of my beloved daughter Maggie. The next thing I knew, I was high in the sky heading off to have a chat with Captain Hook.