Rufio had been the leader of the lost boys in Neverland for years since Peter Pan had left, but Peter Pan returned threatening Rufio's leadership. Rufio hated the fact Peter was back, but he realized quickly that he wasn't the Peter of old and showed the lost boys how he couldn't be the real peter pan. He couldn't fly, he couldn't crow, and he sure couldn't fight. Rufio was sure of himself and his skills, but Peter Pan started to try an learn his old ways. Tinker Bell helped Peter Pan and once the lost boys started to believe in him Peter finally started becoming his old self. He then challenged Rufio to a sword fight to show who was the better swordsman. The fought valiantly with neither backing down, but Peter was better and finally was able to take Rufio's sword. Rufio finally belived in Peter Pan to and gave him back his Golden sword bowing at Peter Pans feet. Rufio and Peter would then fight side by side against the evil Captain Hook.