Jojo's life as a mute dwarf always kept him longing for more. As far as mute dwarfs go he was a pretty shoddy one. It was his standing at about 6'9 and occasionally speaking that was making Jojo's faulty occupational choices painfully obvious. Sharing his East Village appartment with six other dwarfs, including his friend Slappy, was another example of his lack of better judgment. Six roommates is problem enough, the fact that the place was a small studio and Jojo had the top, and seventh, bunk. Getting women to consent to sex is diffcult enough without words being exchanged but getting a positive response when you write "sorry about the bunk beds" on the pad on a string around your neck is damn near imposible. Even his secret girlfriend the Witch was getting on his nerves. Jojo was getting more and more irritable and angry at the other dwarfs. Ever seen a mute argue? It's not very pretty.