In the streets of N.Y. there lived a man named Prince Chachi and his side kick Sniffy Head. Prince Chachi was the East Village's big time drug dealer and Sniffy was his middle man who would hook up Chachi with customers. Chachi started selling drugs when he was about eight years old. He started because he needed money for his 1969 Camaro, so he figured if he started at 8 he probably have the money by 16.
One night he was in his apartment, now 21 years old, he was watching HAPPY DAY'S reruns when he got a call from Sniffy. Sniffy wanted him to come over and check out this girl Snow White, some rich snob from uptown who like to get high a lot. But Snow White's Step Mom was wicked and hated the fact that she was so beautiful and all the guys wanted her, so she kicked her out and now she was staying with Sniffy.
After Chachi stopped watching reruns of Fonzi and the boys he started over to Sniffy's house. He lived only four blocks away so he started to walk. On his way there he stopped at the package store to buy a forty-ounce, his drink of choice. He then started down the street again passing his other favorite spot, The Noody Bar, this is where he goes to see some Big'Uns
every friday night, with his friend named Damion. Before he gets to Sniffy's he stops to make a deal with Happy Gilmore's Grandma, she was a big pot freak who hasn't stopped getting high since she was 13.
He finally arrives at the apartment where the Seven Dwarves all lived together. But he stumbles upon a disaster, Snow White's wicked witch of a step mom had sent her an apple with some deadly drug in it and Snow White was passed out. The dwarves did not know what to do to help her because they were all high on some sniff. But from selling so many drugs Chachi knew how to save Snow White. To save her he had to take a needle and stab her in the heart. To do this though he had to unbutton her shirt. He was a pervert and before he used the needle he had to cop a feel. After he finished with the needle she started to hyperventilate so he gave her mouth to mouth, not the ordinary thing to do when someone hyperventilates, but it worked. Snow White was so grateful she married him and had Seven New Dwarves.