Associate Professor

Secondary Science Program Coordinator

Herpetology Club Advisor

WCSU Science Building Rm. 242
Phone: 203-837-8793

Ph.D. New York University

Current Teaching Responsibilities

  • BIO 100 Concepts of Biology (non-majors)
  • BIO 556 Herpetology (species project pages)
  • ED 442 Teaching Science in Secondary Schools (undergraduate)
  • ED 549 Teaching Science in Secondary Schools (graduate)

Teaching Collaborations

Research Collaborations

Field Program Partners

Science Education Outreach

  • Connecticut Science Center I4 Initiative
  • Professional Development for Teachers
  • Toyota Tapestry Award : Barnard students and their families will become West River Memorial Park Stewards. Stewards will help to clean the park and help sample for dissolved oxygen and keystone species around the West River Canal. With the help of university researchers, soil, plants and invertebrates collected around the perimeter of the West River Memorial Park Canal will be sampled for mercury before and after the retrofitting of West River floodgates. In cooperation with researchers and park rangers, stewards will be responsible for monitoring and communicating their findings to the community.
  • 2010 STEM Summer Camp
  • 2012 STEM Summer Camp video
  • Summer Opportunities for High School Students
  • Opportunities for Non-traditional Adult Learners

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