Photo Courtesy of "Snakes of the Agkistrodon Complex" by Howard K. Gloyd and Roger Conant

Fig A. This is a typically colored adult. In this photo it is showing just how well its cryptic pattern aids it in disappearing into the leaf litter.

Fig. B Here we have a head shot of another adult individual. The crossbands and background color found on this specimen are slightly darker and more distinct.

Fig. C This individual has more mottled, subdued coloration. It is lacking the coppers, tans, and browns that gives the copperhead its namesake and has replaced them with greys and darker browns.

Fig. D A head shot of a darker adult animal. This one is about to engulf a rodent that it has killed for food.

Fig. E This animal, a juvenile, has very dull coloration and a very indistinct pattern. As the snake ages this will change.

Fig. F A representative of the small melanistic population. It is clear to see that the specimen is jet black, lacking all other pigments.