Kingdom:  Animalia

Phylum:  Chordata

Class:  Reptilia

Order:  Lepidosauria

Suborder:  Squamata

Family:  Viperidae

Genus:  Crotalus

Species:  adamanteus

Note: This species is monotypic.


1799. Crotalus adamanteus  Beauvois, Trans. Amer. Philos. Soc., Vol.4, no. 42, p.368. Type locality:U.S.; type specimen: none designated. type locality: restricted to Charleston, S.C. by Schmidt, 1953, p.227

1802. Crotalus rhombifer  Latreille, in Sonnini adn Latreille, Hist. Nat. rept., vol.3 p.197. Type locality: southern U.S.; type specimen: none designated.

1805. Crotalus rhombiferus   Brickell, Phila. Med. & Phys. Jour., vol.2, part 1, sect.3, p.164 (not of Latreille, 1802). Type locality: not stated, probably vicinity of Savannah, Georgia; type specimen: none designated.

1858. Crotalus adamanteus var. adamanteus  Jan, Rev. Mag. Zool., ser.2, vol.10, p.153 (Prod. Icon. Desc. Ophid., p.28)

1895. Crotalus adamanteus  Stejneger, Rept. U.S. Nat. Mus. for 1893, p.433

1954. Crotalus adamanteus pleistofloridensis  Brattstrom. Holotype, Amer. Mus. Natur. Hist., Dept. Vert. Paleon. 6779, one mid-thoracic vertebra, no collector stated. Type-locality: "Seminole, Pinellas County, Florida, Late Pleistocene."

Note:   All information on this page drawn from Klauber (1972), McCranie (1980), and Stejneger (1893)