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Want pictures? These sites have lots of great images of all kinds of reptiles and amphibians; some of the pictures on this site came from these. (Other color plates came from Ernst and Barbour (1989) and Rossman et al. (1996) [see
references page].)

The Online Herptile Encyclopedia

Va Herper's International Directory of Reptile and Amphibian Resources

These sites include articles about garter snakes. The first one is very comprehensive; it even contains a message board. The second also has articles available in German.

The Thamnophis Server: All About Garter Snakes

Homepage von Martin Hallmen

Garter snakes are popular as pets. These sites include information on care of garter snakes in captivity.

Garter Snake Home Page - Alan Francis

Garter Snakes: An overview of natural history and care in captivity

Here is a short list of museums whose collections include samples of Thamnophis sirtalis. The collections of the museums linked here are searchable.

California Academy of Sciences

Florida Museum of Natural History

Museum of Vertebrate Zoology - University of California, Berkeley

Texas Natural History Collections

The University of Michigan Museum of Zoology

Yale Peabody Museum

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