Finding The Best Bargains On Flights


It’s not just students here at Western Connecticut State University that want to find the best bargains on flights -just about anyone going away on a vacation, or even business, is almost bound to seek out the best flight deals. With the national economy still some way off from making a full recovery everyone’s looking for ways to save money on their flights. As individuals or families going away on vacation - the more we can save on the flight - the more we can spend having fun when we get there. Whereas, for the business traveler saving money on the flight simply makes good business sense.

Where can you find the best flight bargains?

Of course you have three main options here from going to a High Street travel agent, looking on the internet or just trying your luck; turning up at the airport hoping that someone’s cancelled and there are spare seats that the airlines desperate to fill
. The first of these options is unlikely to really get you the very best deal. Going to a High Street travel company you’ll have to pay them a commission for making the booking and, in all honesty, it’s rarely as cheap as booking the flight yourself. So, if you can - take control of making your own flight booking. Just turning up at the airport is a very risky strategy. If you’re travelling on your own and not in particular rush, then it might work; and certainly if seats do suddenly become vacant on a flight some airlines will offer them at incredibly low prices. However, you could also be stuck at the airport for hours or even days waiting for a seat to come up. So, as with many things today, you’ll probably find it easiest and in the long run quicker and cheaper to find a great bargain on flight prices online.

Flight price comparison websites.

Presuming you’re not the sort of person that only wants to fly with one operator, then you’ll be quite happy to simply enter into an internet search engine the details for the flight you want to book. Using the internet you’ll see links to airline operators and flight price comparison websites. You might as well go to the flight price comparison website first, as this will hopefully at least give you a quick idea of what’s on offer. However, an absolutely golden rule here - don’t just accept the cheapest price offer you see. That’s not to say that it won’t, in the long run, be the best deal you can get and the one you accept. But, with some of the airlines they might not actually be flying to or from the airport that’s the best option for you. So, whilst using a flight price comparison website will save you time and will give you some great offers, you need to do a little more research and checking before booking the flight.

Do some price comparison of your own.

OK, imagine I’m a WCSU student and want to get from home in New York to Miami.  So, I do a search for flights from New York to Miami and I see a great offer come up at just $60! Unbelievable! Well yes it might as well be. I live in Queens, so my nearest airport in New York is La Guardia or maybe JFK, this flight goes from Newark. I want to go to Miami, but this flight actually lands in Fort Lauderdale - 25 miles from Miami. So, the $60 ticket doesn’t look too good now. I’ve got to add on time and money to get across NY and then from Fort Lauderdale to Miami. All of which could add hours to the journey and potentially anything up to $100 to the price. So, this is where doing a bit of research of you own come in. OK - I’d keep the link for the $60 price link and then look to see if there’s a flight actually from one of the two NY airports I want and directly in to Miami. Even in the price doubled to $120, it could still be a better deal. Don’t forget as well, that some of the so called low cost airlines don’t necessarily always give you a bargain flight price. For example, my $60 ticket above could suddenly have an extra $10 charge for check-in, $20 for airport tax, $20 if I want luggage to go in the hold of the airplane etc. There’s even one European airline that was talking about charging customers separately to use the on-board toilet - whilst in the air!