Shopping For Gifts Like Flowers, Wine and Cigars Online


Even just a few years ago the very idea of shopping for gifts like flowers, wine or cigars online would be anathema to many people. Nowadays, towards the end of the 2000s just about anyone with a computer and access to the internet will buy gifts of some nature or other online without even thinking about it. Whilst you could go online and simply ask as search engine for ‘gift ideas’ that you can buy online, most people will already know if they’re looking for something like flowers or wine or cigars - and will ask the search engine to find those specific gifts.

Why are most people quite specific about searches for gifts online?

If you were to just ask a search engine to find websites offering gifts for sale over the internet the number of ideas for gifts it could come up with are almost infinite. However, if you were buying a gift for someone that was an asthma sufferer and allergic to flowers - you wouldn’t want to waste time looking at online flower gifts; similarly for a non-smoker and cigars or if the person you want to buy the gift for doesn’t drink wine. As for the possibility of looking for an online gift for an asthmatic, non-smoking, teetotaler; you really would want to narrow down the search engine’s suggestions to you. So, it is by far the more common case that people will enter a specific search such as “flower gifts online” so that they can easily access the specialist websites offering the gifts they want for sale online.

Flower, wine and cigar gifts online.

Regardless of the gift that you are searching for online you can be sure that there are plenty of gifts to choose from and in a range of prices to suit all budgets. Most online gift websites will offer their products both by category and by price. So, if you’re not sure exactly what wine gift you’d like to send, other than you’d like to send a white wine gift according to their taste, you’ll be able to go straight to a section of the website listing only their white wines. Similarly, if you know you want to buy a gift of flowers for at a certain price, then the website will quite likely list the gifts they offer in price ranges; typically up to $50, $50-$100 and $100+. Cigar gift websites will certainly offer you options such as the very finest Cuban cigars or alternative non-Cuban cigars; which will often also determine the price range of the cigars according to the type/size of cigar that you decide to buy as a gift.

Placing a gift order online.

Whether you’re buying flowers, wine or cigars online you’ll be able to place your order 24/7 all year round. Unlike shops and stores on the High Street or your local Mall - online gifts websites are never shut. However, it’s not just the convenience of being able to place an order online whenever you wish to, but that you can make an online order from any computer with an internet connection anywhere in the world. As a student at WSCU, but my home town being Chicago, this means that I can arrange for a gift of flowers to be sent to my Mom for Mothers Day - and know that they will arrive in time and be beautifully fresh. Lot’s of people also appreciate the convenience of being able to place an order for a gift on the internet if they’re busy working, or live some distance away from stores and shops likely to stock the flowers or wine or cigars they’d like to send as a gift. Also, although this isn’t to be recommended, using the internet to buy and send a gift has saved many a ‘red-face’ through embarrassment if you were to forget buying and sending a gift to someone else. Lot’s of us have done this - suddenly realized that it’s someone’s birthday, or an anniversary etc; only to be able to save the day by quickly buying and sending a gift online.

Gifts online - don’t leave it too late to order!

Following from that last comment above. OK, so I could place an order for a gift of flowers, wine or cigars today and, if the website says it will be able to deliver them to my specification, be confident of it arriving the next day - or even possibly the same day. If you’re ‘in a rush’ to have the gift delivered there are two things to pay attention to. First carefully read the delivery options that the website offers. Their standard delivery might be several days, with you having to select an option to upgrade the delivery service/time. Alternatively you might want to seek a ‘green alternative’ to the delivery of your gift. Also, do consider the place you are in and the place the recipient is in. Crossing time zones can make deliveries awkward. You could feasibly order a gift of flowers, wine or cigars online in West Connecticut at 16:00 and have them delivered in Chicago for 08:00 next day. Trying to send the same gift to Melbourne, Australia, at 16:00 Eastern Time for delivery there at 08:00 would be asking rather a lot; as the east of Australia is 14 hours ahead of USA Eastern Time!