Holiday Shopping Tips


As if preparing for the holiday season wasn’t enough - there’s all the shopping we need to do, in order to have everything we need to get on with those preparations. Of course the holiday season is meant to be one of the happiest in the year and should, therefore, ideally be stress free; so hopefully you’ll find these top five holiday shopping tips useful this year.

1) Buy online.

If you’re not already a convert to holiday shopping online, but have a computer and an internet connection at home, then you can revolutionize your whole holiday shopping experience. Shopping online isn’t a magical experience whereby all the things you want to buy somehow appear on your screen - but it will save you hours getting to and from High Street stores and Malls, not to mention hours of walking around them trying to find the items and gifts you need, whilst invariably being able to save money on the ticket price of most things. Apart from buying gifts like flowers, wine or cigars online you can buy all the groceries you need for the holiday period or even arrange and buy flights and travel tickets online if you’re going away.

2) Organize your deliveries.

No matter whether you’re buying for the holidays online, through tele-sales or mail order; probably most of those goods will need to be delivered to your door. The problem is that you could end up having to stay in for days so that you can accept the deliveries or, if you miss a delivery, have to make the trip out to the depot to collect an item you’ve ordered online or some other way. Either of which will take up your precious time in the run up to the holiday, not to mention increasing your stress levels. So, plan a head a little and arrange for everything to be delivered on the same day. No doubt they won’t all come via one delivery company or at the same time - but at least you know they’ll all be there on that one day and you can be getting on with other things around the home whilst you’re waiting.

3) Look for discounts.

Just because it’s the holiday period and shops and stores know they’re in for a bonanza time - that’s no reason to not expect to get a discount. Buying online you can expect to get some great deals on prices. However, if you search around on the internet you can also find discount voucher codes, which work exactly the same as paper discount vouchers in High Street shops and Malls. These are frequently available for electronics goods for sale online; and therefore ideal for using when buying gifts like MP3 players, digital cameras and netbooks - when processing an order simply enter the discount voucher code to see the price of what you want to buy reduce even further.

4) Forgotten something - online its available 24/7.

We’ve all done it - forgotten the cranberry sauce, forgotten Aunt Alice’s present, forgotten to get the kids from school - oh no sorry, that one’s just me with my bad memory! Buying online carries on 24/7, so if you have forgotten something and you really can’t get out to the stores again, then using the internet to buy it online could just be the answer. However, although you can buy 24/7 you can’t be 100% sure that your goods will be delivered on time at short notice. With the growth in internet sales the holiday period has become incredibly busy for delivery/courier companies -and guaranteeing deliveries ordered within a day or two of the main holiday can be difficult.

5) Shopping online after the holidays.

Some of us are old enough to remember the days of the post-holiday sales, with mad rushes of people trying to grab bargains in the major stores all mixed up with people wanting to spend gift tokens and money. Well, these days the smart way to grab a bargain or spend a gift token, in after the holiday shopping, is to go online. Online stores have ‘sales’ too and they are an ideal way to search for and find great bargains on which to spend gift tokens and holiday gift money.