Department of Biology & Environmental Sciences
Science Building 145
Western Connecticut State University
Danbury, CT 06810 USA
phone: 203-837-8790

last modified 26 January 2010

Courses (& the next time I expect to teach them)

Biology 100: Concepts of Biology
                      (S 10, Sum 10)
Biology 156: Environmental Science
Biology 200: Ecology (F 10)
Biology 203: Invertebrate Zoology (S 11)
Biology 460: Ecosystem Ecology
Biology 470: Entomology (Sum. 10)
Biology 4xx: Climate Ecology (S 10)
Biology 551: Soil Ecology (S 11)
Biology 504: Limnology (S 12)
Biology 543: Stream Ecology (Sum. 11)

Current Research

Local climate trends and their effect on soil communities.

The use of milfoil weevils as a biocontrol for Eurasian watermilfoil in Candlewood Lake.

Islands in Candlewood Lake as control sites free of invasive earthworms.

The use of graveyard data to examine patterns in historical human mortality along a rural-urban continuum in CT and NY.