COM 495  Senior Thesis



Thesis Worksheet--to keep you on track

Topics & Getting Started

Research strategies

Recommended Text:



Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.  6th edition.

You will need to OWN a copy!

Online APA Information

APA Style and Formatting:  The Owl at Purdue

APA Information University of Wisconsin, Madison

APA and Electronic Sources

APA Style Essentials

APA Crib Sheet

APA Citation Style

Reviewing the Literature

Writing a Review of the Literature

Strategies for avoiding plagiarism

Steps in Writing a Research Paper

The Research Question


The Research Proposal

The Elements of a Research Proposal

Research Proposal Assignment

Proposal template

Human Subjects Research

All the forms you need are at this link:

If you are doing Human Subjects Research

Writing the Final Paper

Thesis Template

Paper Outline

Abstract Samples

Final Presentation

Presentation Schedule 

Presentation Outline


Why a poster


Grading Criteria

Adam Aitchison Award
This award is given In honor of the first chair of the department, Adam Aitchison, who was instrumental in establishing the Speech & Theatre Department at Western, now known as the Communication Department. 

Criterion: outstanding academic achievement. 

Recent Honorees:
Kathleen Favoccia (2001)
Oana Havris (2001)
WRD:  WestConn Research Day

Students with excellent projects will be encouraged to submit their work to WRD.

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