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CNSS/NSA Recertification

On July 29, 2011, the courses in the MIS/Information Security Management option were recertified by the Committee on National Security Systems of the National Security Agency as being in 100% compliance with the National Standard for Information Systems Security Professionals (Standard 4011).

Five courses (MIS 260, MIS 301, MIS 341, MIS 361, and MIS 385) were mapped to 256 topics in the categories of Communications, Automated Information Systems, Security, National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security (NSTISS), System Operating Environment, NSTISS Planning and Management, and NSTISS Policies and Procedures.

WCSU is one of fewer than 250 institutions in the United States whose curriculum has achieved full compliance with a national information security standard. 


Identification of all institutions can be found at the NSA website.

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